ACC-402 Advanced Accounting II

This is the second semester of a two-semester sequence of courses covering advanced accounting techniques and issues. Topic coverage in ACC-402 will include an in-depth review of interim and segmental reporting for businesses as well as partnership accounting from initial formation to liquidation. In addition, ACC-402 will also cover governmental and not-for-profit accounting in detail as well as fiduciary accounting for estates and trusts, and debt restructuring. Related pronouncements from the Financial Accounting Standards Board and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board will be introduced during the course.

Advisory: It is advisable to have knowledge in a course equivalent to ACC-201 Intermediate Accounting I with a grade of C or better to succeed in this course. It is also advisable to have successfully completed ACC-401 Advanced Accounting I or its equivalent. Students are responsible for making sure they have the necessary knowledge. Working knowledge of Microsoft Excel is required.

Study Methods:

Online Courses (ACC-402-OL):
Oct 2017,  Nov 2017,  Dec 2017,  Jan 2018,  Feb 2018,  Mar 2018

Semester Hours: 3

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