BIO-208 The Science of Nutrition

This introductory course is intended to provide accurate and scientifically sound information on human nutrition. Topics covered include food choices; the digestive system; metabolism; the effects of carbohydrates, fats and proteins on health; nutrition in various stages of the life cycle; vitamins and minerals; and the effect of diet in the presence of diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

System Requirement: Students taking BIO-208-GS/OL are required to purchase the software Diet Analysis Plus.

Study Methods:

     e-Pack® for (BIO-208-EP):  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 
     Guided Study for (BIO-208-GS):  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 
     Online Courses for (BIO-208-OL):  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 
     TECEP® Examination for (BIO-208-TE):  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 

This course is also available as TECEP® exam BIO-208-TE.

Semester Hours: 3

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