CHE-122 General Chemistry II with Labs

Chemistry is a science that deals with the composition, structure, and properties of substances and with the transformations that they undergo. It is the "study of change."

In this course, the second of a two-semester general chemistry sequence with labs, our emphasis is on chemical equilibrium, acid-base chemistry, and energy changes in chemical reactions. We also focus on chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, intermolecular forces and the physical properties of solutions, coordination compounds, and electrochemistry.

At the atomic and molecular level, chemistry is a very abstract subject, but the study of atoms and molecules is fundamental to understanding life itself, since all matter is made up of atoms and molecules. Through practical examples and applications, we hope to explain not only the abstract concepts of chemistry but also how we come to know and understand those concepts in real-life contexts.

Advisory: It is advisable to have knowledge in a course equivalent to CHE-121 General Chemistry I with a grade of C or better to succeed in this course.

Study Methods:

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Semester Hours: 4

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