COM-121 Introduction to Mass Communications II

Continues the presentation of information about the history of and current trends in mass media and activities to enable students to appreciate and evaluate the quality of print, audio, video, film and television. Satisfies the humanities general education requirement.

U Advisory: It is advisable to have knowledge in a course equivalent to COM-120 Introduction to Mass Communications I with a grade of C or better to succeed in this course. Students are responsible for making sure that they have the necessary knowledge.

Study Methods:

Guided Study (COM-121-GS):
Aug 2015,  Sep 2015,  Oct 2015*,  Nov 2015,  Dec 2015
Online Courses (COM-121-OL):
Aug 2015,  Sep 2015,  Oct 2015*,  Nov 2015,  Dec 2015

Semester Hours: 3

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