COS-101 Introduction to Computers

Introduction to Computers provides students with a broad, general introduction to hardware and software fundamentals, productivity software, graphics, digital media, multimedia, database applications, networking, the Internet, and security and privacy issues as well as an introduction to object-oriented programming using the Visual Basic programming language.

System Requirement: Windows XP operating system; personal Internet access; an Internet browser like Netscape 8.1 or Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher; Microsoft Visual Basic 2010 (Express Edition recommended); and word processing software.

Study Methods:

     Guided Study (COS-101-GS) Dec 2014 Jan 2015 Feb 2015 Mar 2015
     Online Courses (COS-101-OL) Dec 2014 Jan 2015 Feb 2015 Mar 2015

Semester Hours: 3

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