COS-352 Operating Systems

This course concentrates on the design and function of the operating systems of multiuser computers. Topics include time sharing methods of memory allocation and protection, files, CPU scheduling, input/output management, interrupt handling, process synchronization, deadlocking and recovery and design principles.

Advisory: Knowledge in a course equivalent to COS-241 Data Structures with a grade of C or better is required to succeed in this course. It is highly recommended that students have completed COS-330 Computer Architecture or equivalent or have experience with C or UNIX. Students are responsible for making sure that they have the necessary knowledge.

Study Methods:

     Guided Study for (COS-352-GS):  Jan 2015  |  Feb 2015  |  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 
     Online Courses for (COS-352-OL):  Jan 2015  |  Feb 2015  |  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 

Semester Hours: 3

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