ELT-490 Electronics Assessment/Career Planning

Electronics Assessment/Career Planning is an in-depth, student-centered activity that requires electronics engineering technology self-diagnostic assessment, the integration of research in current electronics employment, the development of a comprehensive curriculum vitae, practical career planning, interviewing strategies and the application of advanced math concepts to electronics engineering technology situations. Students will participate in career-focused activities that include building a curriculum vitae or professional rsum and knowing how to interview successfully. The knowledge and skills acquired in this course are directly applicable to students who are seeking a job, a promotion or moving to a new skill area.

Prerequisites: Completion of MAT-231 Calculus I, MAT-232 Calculus II, PHY-115 Physics I, PHY-116 Physics II, CHE-121 Chemistry I, ELE-211 DC Circuits, ELE-212 AC Circuits, ELT-306 Solid State Theory with lab, ELT-307 Linear & Integrated Circuits with lab, ELD-302 Digital Electronics with Lab, ELD-311 Microprocessors with lab, and ELC-201 Electronics Communications Systems.

Study Methods:

     Online Courses (ELT-490-OL) Jul 2014 Aug 2014 Sep 2014 Oct 2014 Nov 2014 Dec 2014

Semester Hours: 3

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