FIN-321 Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

An introduction to investment alternatives, security analysis and portfolio construction. Topics include: the environment in which investment decisions are made; markets for the purchase and sales of securities; risk and return their measurement and use in the construction of the individual's portfolio; taxation; and the efficiency of financial markets as well as specific investments: debt instruments corporate bonds, federal government securities and municipal bonds; equity investments; put and call options; investment companies; and nonfinancial assets such as real estate, gold and collectibles.

U Advisory: This is an upper-level finance course. It is advisable to have knowledge in FIN-301 Principles of Finance, MAT-119 Quantitative Business Analysis or MAT-121 College Algebra, and STA-201 Principles of Statistics with grades of C or better to succeed in this course. Students are responsible for making sure that they have the necessary knowledge.

Study Methods:

     Online Courses for (FIN-321-OL):  Feb 2015  |  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 
     TECEP® Examination for (FIN-321-TE):  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 

This course is also available as TECEP® exam FIN-321-TE.

Semester Hours: 3

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