LDR-435 Leadership Practicum

This course offers a Practicum experience for students who have studied leadership in the School of Business and Technology. It is the terminal course in the leadership studies area, and its intent is to let students make use of what they have learned about leadership. That is, it provides an opportunity to apply that learning to professional contexts in which they are currently involved - at work or otherwise - through a carefully designed project. In addition, the course requires that each student act as a leadership consultant (working as a member of a consulting team) to other students in the class, advising them on their leadership projects through both informal advice and formal, written critiques.

Advisory: Students must complete LDR-305 Foundations of Leadership, LDR-324 Leaders in History and LDR-345 Theories of Leadership or their equivalences prior to enrolling in this course.

Study Methods:

     Online Courses for (LDR-435-OL):  Jan 2015  |  Feb 2015  |  Mar 2015  |  Apr 2015  |  May 2015  |  Jun 2015  | 

Semester Hours: 3

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