MAT-129 Precalculus

Prepares students for courses in calculus and higher mathematics and for courses in science and technology where knowledge of precalculus is required. Topics include exponential and logarithmic functions and equations; trigonometric functions, identities and equations; applications of trigonometry; systems of equalities and inequalities; series and sequences; and analytic geometry.

Advisory: it is advisable to have knowledge in a course equivalent to MAT-121 College Algebra with a grade of C or better to succeed in this course. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have the required knowledge. BSAST and ASAST students should take MAT-121 and MAT-129.

Study Methods:

Guided Study (MAT-129-GS):
Oct 2017,  Nov 2017,  Dec 2017,  Jan 2018
Online Courses (MAT-129-OL):
Oct 2017,  Nov 2017,  Dec 2017,  Jan 2018,  Feb 2018,  Mar 2018

Semester Hours: 3

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