NUR-410 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations

In this course, students are provided with the opportunity to examine the needs of individuals, families, and populations who are experiencing vulnerability at the emotional and physiological level. Using the nursing process, students identify client learning needs and implement measures to decrease risk and facilitate health promotion, maintenance, and restoration. Evidence-based practice and professional nursing standards are used to validate judgments and enhance critical thinking in the provision of safe, quality care. Professional role performance is broadened by caring for clients with complex health needs in a variety of acute and community based settings. The course is designed to be taken concurrently with NUR-443 and NUR-529.

Prerequisite: Completion of NUR-400, NUR-418 and NUR-531.

This course is classroom-based with a clinical component.

Study Methods:

     Nursing Online Courses (NUR-410-NU) Jul 2014

Semester Hours: 3