PHO-101 Introduction to Photography

Develops the skills needed to use photography effectively and confidently. The course emphasizes visual awareness. Students examine the work of professional photographers and use the Internet to create and share photo albums of their exercises and to interact frequently with other participants.

Advisory: For the online course students will need either a digital SLR camera or a 35mm film SLR camera that allows manual control of shutter speed, aperture and focusing distance. Whether students use a digital camera or 35mm camera, the camera needs to be "adjustable," that is, it must have, at minimum, the option of manually selecting the shutter speed, aperture and focusing distances. Automatic cameras are acceptable as long as students can override the aforementioned automatic features and control them manually. Generally, this will entail having a single-lens reflex (SLR or D-SLR) camera with manual controls and interchangeable lenses (a normal lens is sufficient). Fully automatic or point-and-shoot cameras without manual capabilities are not acceptable for this course. Expect to use about 10 rolls of 24-exposure 35mm color negative film. In addition to the cost of film, students will need access to a film processing service providing digitalization of processed 35mm film.

Study Methods:

Online Courses (PHO-101-OL):
Feb 2017,  Mar 2017,  Apr 2017,  May 2017,  Jun 2017

Semester Hours: 3

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