Jan 2014 - Nursing

Health Professions
Statistics for the Health Professions (HPS-200)

Nursing Informatics (NUR-340)
Health Assessment (NUR-416)
Research in Nursing (NUR-418)
Leadership and Management in Nursing (NUR-428)
Community Health Nursing (NUR-441)
Seminar in Clinical Competence (NUR-500)
Advanced Health Assessment (NUR-516)
Health Policy (NUR-529)
Evidence Based Nursing Practice (NUR-530)
Nursing Informatics: Concepts and Issues (NUR-531)
Nursing Leadership in a Global Community (NUR-600)
History of American Nursing (NUR-613)
Professional Writing from the Idea to the Publication (NUR-614)
Independent Study in Instructional Technology (NUR-622)
Theoretical Foundations and Instructional Strategies in Nursing Education (NUR-630)
Nursing Informatics: Systems Life Cycle (NUR-631)
Nursing Administration: Standards and Structures (NUR-632)
Advanced Pathophysiology (NUR-640)
Curriculum Theory and Development in Nursing Education (NUR-700)
Nursing Informatics: Databases and Knowledge Management (NUR-701)
Nursing Administration: Executive Managerial Process (NUR-702)
Testing, Assessment and Evaluation (NUR-710)
Nursing Informatics: Consumer Informatics and Communication Technologies (NUR-711)
Nursing Administration: Resource Acquisition and Management (NUR-712)
Nursing Education Seminar and Onground Practicum (NUR-720)
Nursing Administration: Seminar and Role Practicum (NUR-722)
Nursing Education Seminar and Online Practicum (NUR-730)
Nursing Administration: Seminar and Process Practicum (NUR-732)



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