Course name: Individual Assessment in Fitness and Wellness
Course Code: FIT-230-OL
Credits: 3 Semester Hours

Course Description:

Individual Assessment in Fitness and Wellness is a comprehensive entry-level course that builds upon courses like Anatomy & Physiology and Principles of Fitness and Wellness Programming. This course allows the student in the fitness and wellness industry the opportunity to obtain skills in fitness assessment. Students will be required to interpret,
  describe, discuss, and justify the assessment process prior to executing an exercise program designed for adults with varying levels of fitness and health conditions. Topics covered in this course include: differentiating field testing from laboratory testing, selecting appropriate assessment protocols for the five domains of physical fitness, maintenance and calibration of fitness equipment, pre-test health screening, cautions and contraindications to exercise testing, monitoring clients during exercise assessments, interpreting assessment results,
determining client needs and goals, and designing client-based exercise programs. Additional topics such as: Exercise and nutrition, exercise and daily life skills and exercise and technology will be covered. Students will develop a comprehensive personal, physical fitness and wellness plan based upon their assessment of themselves.