This capstone course provides the student with the opportunity to integrate management theory into the role of nurse administrator/executive. Student focus is on nursing management processes in healthcare systems. Students continue in their selected area of clinical practice monitored by the mentor and onground preceptor. Students engage in a reflective discussion of nursing administration issues and experiences in the online seminar. This course requires completion of 150 hours of Practicum. Submission of the e-portfolio and a synthesis paper will be required to demonstrate achievement of MSN program outcomes and competencies.

 Prerequisites: All other MSN degree and Nursing Administration Certificate requirements*; submission of all documents and requirements outlined in the Practicum Packet, including a criminal background check.

*Students may register for one elective concurrent with this course.

Advisory: Students who do not have updated e-portfolios will not be able to register for this course. Students should have access to a webcam.



After successfully completing this course, the student will be able to:



You will need the following materials to do the work of the course. The required textbook is available from the College's textbook supplier, MBS Direct.


Required Materials  

Additional Resources



Nursing Administration: Role and Practicum (NUR-732) is a three-credit online course, consisting of  four modules. Modules include an overview, topics, learning objectives, study materials, and activities. Module titles are listed below.


Course objectives covered in this module include CO1, CO4, CO5, and CO6


Course objectives covered in this module include CO1 and CO4


Course objectives covered in this module include CO2 and CO3


Course objectives covered in this module include CO2 and CO3



For your formal work in the course, you are required to participate in online discussion forums, and complete: project evaluation assignments; practicum assignments; and a Synthesis Paper and e-Portfolio. See below for more details.


Consult the course Calendar for assignment due dates.

Online Discussion Forums

You are required to participate in 13 graded discussion forums. Discussion forums are on a variety of topics associated with the course modules. There is also an ungraded but required introduction forum in module 1 and an ungraded but required Course Reflection in week 12.

Journal and Logs

You are required to complete four journal and log assignments, using the template provided, in which you document your progress in meeting course and student generated objectives for the practicum. In the journal and log assignments you will keep track of the hours that you have spent in the practicum. These assignments are submitted at regular intervals throughout the term, as you complete your practicum hours. Each Journal/Log is worth 7.5 percent.

For this course 150 practicum hours are required.

Project Evaluation Assignments

You are required to complete two project evaluation assignments, which represent the completion of the project started in NUR-722. Each project evaluation assignment is worth 20%.

The first project evaluation assignment is a paper called Project Implementation.

The second project evaluation assignment is a paper called Project Evaluation.

Practicum Assignments

Practicum assignments reflect the work that is completed in the student’s selected practicum.

In this course, to reflect that work, you are required to complete a Practicum Evaluation Tool (parts 1 & 2), and a Practicum Site & Preceptor Evaluation

During the term, on-going evaluation of course and student objectives occurs and culminates in a final grade of pass or fail.To do this, the Practicum Evaluation Tool is initiated by the student, who evaluates his/her performance in the practicum, based on achievement of course objectives, and self directed objectives. The student will submit the tool to the gradebook for evaluation by the practicum preceptor and course mentor.

You are required to complete three practicum assignments.  

Synthesis Project and e-Portfolio

The Synthesis Paper and e-Portfolio represent the culmination of the student’s work in the Masters Program. There are two parts to this assignment: a Synthesis Paper; and completion of the e-Portfolio.


The combined assignment (Synthesis Paper and e-Portfolio) is graded on a Pass/Fail (P/F) basis.

The Synthesis Paper and e-Portfolio assignment must be passed in order to pass this course.

Evaluation Rubrics

Located within the Evaluation Rubrics section of the course website are the rubrics used to aid in the grading of course assignments.

See course Calendar for due dates.


Your grade in the course will be determined as follows:


All assignments will receive a numerical grade of 0–100. You will receive a score of 0 for any work not submitted. Your final grade in the course will be a letter grade. Letter grade equivalents for numerical grades are as follows:































Below 60


Course Grade Requirements by Program of Study

For courses taken in  Accelerated 2nd Degree Program  

Students enrolled in the Accelerated 2nd Degree BSN program must earn a grade of B- (80) or better in the nursing courses for the credit to be accepted toward the degree.

For courses taken in BSN programs (RN-BSN)

Students enrolled in the BSN degree program must earn a grade of C (73) or better in the nursing courses for the credit to be accepted toward the degree.

For courses taken in MSN programs

Students enrolled in the MSN degree program must earn a grade of C (73) or better in the nursing courses for the credit to be accepted toward the degree.

For courses taken in Graduate Nursing Certificate Programs

Students enrolled in the graduate nursing certificate programs must earn a grade of B (83) or better for the course to be applied to program requirements.


 All website addresses (URLs) in this course were accurate and reflected the stated content at the onset of the course. However URLs change and great resources may disappear. If you encounter a problem accessing a web site, post a message in the HELP discussion area of this course.


Written assignments should be submitted no later than the due date unless prior arrangements are made with the mentor and a new due date is established. If a student submits an assignment after the due date without having made arrangements with the mentor, a minimum of five points, (based on an assignment grading scale of 100 points), or 5% of the total points, will be deducted for each week, or part thereof, that the assignment is late. Discussion Board assignments must be done in the week they are due, or points will be forfeited.


First Steps to Success

To succeed in this course, take the following first steps.


Study Tips


Consider the following study tip for success.


To stay on track throughout the course, begin each week by consulting the course Calendar. The calendar provides an overview of the course and indicates due dates for submitting assignments, posting discussions, and scheduling and taking examinations.


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