NUR-443 Public Health Nursing

The promotion of health and prevention of illness is the focus of the Public Health Nursing course. Theories from public health, nursing and social science as well as knowledge gained from previous learning, set the foundation for students to critically analyze the health of selected populations in a community. Healthy People 2020 serves as a guide for the identification of at-risk groups throughout the lifespan.

Prerequisite: Evidence of current RN license, current malpractice insurance. A minimum of 60 clinical hours in a chosen population-focused/community-based Practice Learning Environment (PLE) are required to be completed in this course. (90 hours for students residing in California to meet that state's public health certification requirements)

Study Methods:

Nursing Online Courses (NUR-443-NU):
Jan 2018,  Apr 2018

Semester Hours: 4

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