Prior Learning Assessment Courses

Cornerstone: Lifelong Learning Strategies (TES-100)

Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of already-acquired college-level knowledge in a specific subject area. PLA is not independent study.

It is strongly recommended that students complete English Composition 101 and 102 before enrolling in a Prior Learning Assessment.

Thomas Edison State University currently offers two types of PLA courses: Standard and Individualized. Standard PLA courses represent the most commonly requested PLA courses. You can register for Standard PLA courses the same way you would register for any other University course. Individualized PLA courses represent more specialized PLA courses. They must be approved by the Office of Prior Learning Assessment before you register.

Individualized PLA Courses:
If you do not find the PLA you want in the list below, view additional PLAs in the University's PLA Description Database.

Standard PLA Courses: